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I <3 Spring!!!

8 Apr


WA has finally been blessed with some gorgeous weather. I finally got to rock my new $30 JC Penny Easter/ Spring dress. Plus, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. After the looooong winter this is well deserved.


Maybelline Baby Lips

1 Apr

I had seen Maybelline Baby Lips advertised in Teen Vogue and was intrigued. (Yes, I get Teen Vogue. Amazon gave me a $5 magazine credit and Teen Vogue for a year was only $5. Sadly, even as an adult I still can’t afford most of the stuff they show off.) Baby Lips is marketed as a combination of chapstick to repair lips + a lipstick like color. The other hook? It’s only around $3.

While picking up a Mega Millions ticket at my local drugstore I picked up a consolation prize since I knew it likely wasn’t a winner (it was not), Baby Lips in pink punch (pictured on the far left).


  • The pink punch smells good, fruity, like fruit punch. I like having lips that smell like fruit punch 🙂
  • Packaging is super cute and is easy to find in my bottomless pit of a purse
  • Nice texture, doesn’t feel greasy and does have some amount of lip hydration
  • The color is really vibrant, this may not be loved by all though
  • Color seems to last a long time


  • When I first put it on the color was really bright, Barbie pink; blot if you want something more subtle. It did grow on me and I think some of the other colors might work better
  • It works best on lips that are not dry and cracked. If cracked, the color just seeps into the dry areas and looks really bad
  • Although somewhat hydrating, my lips still felt dry after a couple of hours. Not fully sold on if it will really make my lips softer
  • I really want to buy more now, especially the cherry and peach colors. Bad for the wallet

For a person who wears very minimal make-up I think this is a great everyday lip treatment.



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