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Blue Martini @ the Bravern

27 Feb

A few weeks ago my husband and I had the honor of being invited to the Bravern’s newest addition, Blue Martini, for a VIP opening party (on a Wednesday no less). It seems that my following the Bravern via e-mail, Twitter, and shopping there has really paid off! Anyways, here’s how the night played out:

  • Arrive and there’s a line. People are dressed in cocktail attire as well (as the invite requests) which is a pleasant surprise. They even require the invite to get in, how classy!
  • Get into Blue Martini, which is pretty crowded, but we score a pretty nice table near the main window.
  • Check out the menu and see tons of delicious martinis, but oh how pricey, $14 and up! We decide to share one and keep our wallets from crying.
  • Nice waitress comes over and alerts us that all martinis are free (which is what we were hoping for all along).
  • Commence drinking many (too many) delicious martinis. I recommend the mango one.
  • Order food (margarita flatbread).
  • Drink more martinis.
  • Wait another 90+ min and still no food.
  • Head over to Wild Ginger to finally get dinner and make a fool of myself by laughing at literally anything….really….anything.
  • Wonderful (and sober) husband drives us home. In bed by 9 pm.

All in all, Blue Martini had wonderful drinks, but never getting our food was a huge let down. The kitchen should have been better staffed for such a large party. Also for the future, I likely won’t be attending any more weekday night martini shindigs unless I have the next day off.


PS: My husband still wants his margarita flatbread.




Work it Out!

26 Feb

Today I took the plunge and purchased a gym membership. I’m generally hesitant to join gyms due to the steep costs, but for $15 a month with no enrollment fee it was quite the deal. Even if I only work out a few times a month it will be worth it. My goal is to work out at least 3 times a week to achieve the desired equation of me + gym = super fit hotness. 

I haven’t devised a regiment yet, but I’ll probably stick with cardio at first and add in weights a bit later. The membership also came with some free training sessions which would be fun (or totally scary) to try out.

In other news, I purchased a ‘Mixed Media’ membership through my work to the Bellevue Arts Museum (only $25!) so that will be another fun weekend activity. Husband and I already checked it out this weekend; has a lot of interesting modern pieces. Going to get fit and cultured 😉

Bucket List (or at least working on it)

20 Feb

Today I achieved something on my bucket list (ate astronaut ice cream!) and was thinking what else I need to do…

[X] Eat astronaut ice cream

[   ] Go to Malaysia

[   ] Go to Europe

[   ] Return to Japan

[   ] Fly first and/or business class

[   ] Grow my hair down to my waist

[   ] Paint a painting that I like enough to hang in the house

[   ] Learn to drive manual

[   ] Grow a mini garden

[   ] Take husband to Alaska, preferably to show him the Northern Lights

[   ] Get an art museum membership

[   ] Learn to make my own delicious lattes

[   ] Learn to make my own Alfredo sauce and/or pesto

[   ] Eat a croissant in France

[   ] Walk on the Great Wall

[   ] Beat my current XBox 360 games

[   ] Get that mini Longchamp bag I can’t get out of my head!

[   ] Continue the hunt to find sushi as good as that one place in Toronto

[   ] Go to Universal Studios

[   ] Own a hot tub

[   ] Have kid and/or kids

[   ] Continue learning Japanese or another language 

Seems like a lot but I’ve already done a lot (in no particular order)….

[X] Get a chinchilla as a pet

[X] Buy a house

[X] Get married

[X] Work for a truly awesome company

[X] Buy a car I really like

[X] Go to Las Vegas

[X] Go to Toronto for work

[X] Live in Seattle

[X] Do wine tasting

[X] Find the perfect latte

[X] Go to Japan

[X] Graduate from college

Can’t wait to do more!!!!

Thoughts on using a lunch bag as a purse

18 Feb

I’ve reverted back to using my trusty North Face backpack from college. I’m so cool I have both a work laptop and desktop and I want the laptop to be with me everywhere….hence, the backpack. Of course, I wanted a small purse to carry all my essentials which would also fit in the backpack. Unfortunately, the small purses I own are just a little too big for this, but I’ve found an awesome/terrible solution. Built lunch bag I own, which previously only held lunches! It’s actually the perfect size.

This is not a purse.

Yes, I’ve been using this as a purse for the past couple weeks and while I suspect many gals can get away with using this, it just feels so wrong for me. I live and breathe designer bags and now I’m using a lunch bag?! Plus, there are questions and/or comments at work about it on a nearly daily basis (none of which are really bad, but still).

Coworker 1: Hey, is this a lunch bag or a purse? Me: It’s a lunch bag I’m using as a purse. Coworker 1: Oh yeah…hey…it’s cute….

Coworker 2: Nice lunch bag, my daughter (who is ten I think) has the same one! Me: Great minds think alike..?

This is what I really want, Longchamp Le Pliage Orchideal small tote in blue:

You will be mine....

Yep, this is definitely what I want. Colorful, but without that lunch bag-y look. I adore the Le Pliage style. Hopefully, I get this soon and get to write a new post on it, but for now I’m stuck with the Built lunch bag.



Jason Wu for Target Adventure

5 Feb

I discovered Jason Wu for Target via a TV ad this past Thursday evening and soon started searching the Web. Super Bowl Jason Wu Sunday!

I had picked out 2 must have dresses; an adorable navy pleated frock and cream dress with lace peaking out from underneath. These are definitely dresses worth getting up at 7 am on a Sunday for. I had a strategy, although I wasn’t sure how crazy (or not) things would be at my local suburban Target. The last time I had done something like this was when Wiis were hard to find and during the beanie baby craze *shudder*.

My plan:

1. get in (power walk to stuff if needed)

2. find both dresses in size 2

3. get out

4. get Starbucks

5. rejoice!

What actually happened:

1. get in (am officially power walking)

2. where the hell are the Jason Wu things?

3. omg, where are my dresses? They don’t even have them!

4. start grabbing anything in a small size because there’s practically nothing here!!!

5. end up with a dress I hadn’t orginally wanted, shirt I didn’t plan on, and a random straw clutch

6. have women come up to me and ask to see/ touch my dress while they tell me how sad they are they didn’t get this 😦

7. get out

8. get Starbucks

9. mini rejoice (but with sadness in my heart because I still want those other 2 dresses)

Overall, it was definitely worth getting up early for if only because it was a gorgeous WA morning and I love driving with no traffic. Maybe I’ll get up earlier for shopping in the future.

The goods:

Jason Wu dress and clutch from Target

Black Cardigan What Would I Do Without You

2 Feb

Remember when I swore not to wear jeans to work? That’s over, at least until summer when I switch over to dress mode. Today I definitely was channeling my inner Liz Lemon.

Cardigan + Headband + Gaming Shirt + Flats + Glasses = Preppy Geek or maybe Geeky Prep?

  • Cardigan: Banana Republic
  • Shirt: American Apparel (for PopCap)
  • Jeans: Delias
  • Headband: Target
  • Glasses: Converse
  • Shoes: Tory Burch

Check out the shirt detail:

Now time to go play some games.

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