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Plants to brighten up the home

16 Jul

I’ve been on a big plant kick lately trying to add some green to the house. I found a nice stonecrop plant at a local fair that should be easy to care for. For plenty of sunlight I placed the stonecrop plant in the window. If this plant experiment¬†goes well, maybe I could even get another. If not I’ll stick to my plushie plants ūüôā


Mini Home Project: The Utensil Drawer

5 Jul

I’ve been really getting into¬†reorganizing things around the house lately. My latest goal was fixing up our utensil drawers. We’ve been using an old IKEA plastic unit which was becoming unruly.

We decided to invest in some nice new bamboo utensil containers from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. With our handy coupons this home project only cost around $18. I especially love that they had a standalone container that was the perfect size for chopsticks. Here are the before and after pics.



This was also a good chance to move some less frequently¬†used kitchen gadgets into a different place as well as find items for donation. I still can’t believe we had 3¬†vegetable peelers!

 Next project: The closets

Home Style: Then and Now

30 Jan

Can you ever be too old for a trip to IKEA? I think not. Husband and I finally started the process of purchasing bookshelves for our upstairs loft area which is currently known as ‘college zone’. the only truly unfinished feeling space of our home.¬†College zone is all very collegy looking….

Movie poster? Check!

Mismatch shelves? Triple Check!

Random trinkets? Of course!

All this stuff doesn’t exactly look bad per say, it just needs to be better organized. Currently, all our stuff is¬†all on¬†separate shelves which in no way match. It’s time to combine! We also got another shelf unit for our living room to add to the growing collection of Blu Rays and video games. I’m pretty proud of how our home looks as I have been with all my living spaces, but it’s fun to look back on how my style has evolved.

THEN (my first studio apartment in Seattle) 2007:


  • ¬†Sweet Toshiba TV/ DVD combo¬†(it was seriously good)
  • The Euro Futon, my couch and bed. Yes, I slept on this for 2 years.
  • Saucer chair!
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s print
  • Eifel tower pinboard
  • 10 DVDs¬†+¬†every season of Sex in the City on DVD (I’m a gal in the city too!!)
  • iPod dock + iPod mini (in blue)
  • White tiger print blanket
  • Desktop PC with wifi I’m borrowing from the¬†neighbors

NOW (townhome outside the city) 2012:


  • Sony Bravia¬†flatscreen!
  • A lot of DVDs, maybe as many as a family video store.
  • A real couch (Kasala), that can seat 4. Bonus: I have a real bed now too!!
  • Gas fireplace (dream come true)
  • Pretty faux orchid
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Crystal vases
  • Multiple windows
  • Husband + wedding photos ūüėÄ

Can’t wait to see what the place looks like in another 5 years!

Happy New Year, it’s 2012!

2 Jan

Happy New Year’s everyone! Last year my husband and I did New Year’s big, staying at a luxury hotel downtown, eating sushi, watching fireworks, shopping, and consuming lots of champagne. This year we drank leftover port and enjoyed the fireworks from the couch ūüôā It was actually really nice having a low key New Year’s.

And of course I’ve already starting thinking of goals for 2012…

I want to be more organized and donate more items to charity. I’ve already fully redone my home office set up and parts of the kitchen. I’m feeling good on this goal so far.

Read more, learn more etc. etc. I read a lot during 2011 because I rediscovered this crazy thing called a library. The fact that I can get library books on my kindle also makes it easy to indulge in reading. As far as learning, R and SQL are at the top of my list. I have a good foundation of both, especially SQL, but want to take these skills to the next level.

Saving more money. Starbucks stock is up because of me, I just know it.

Lastly, and likely the most difficult is getting fitter! I don’t exercise much at all. Walking, that’s all I do. I’ve never had a problem maintaining my weight; however, I’ve gotten a lot softer since my high school/ college gym going glory days. I wants abs again.

For all of us that have goals, good luck in 2012!



Let the cleaning begin!

5 Nov


It’s November, time to clean out my old things!

The thing I really want to clean up is my shoe collection. I think getting rid of shoes may have dawned on me when I was wearing one particularly old (and no longer comfortable)¬†pair of shoes¬†that fell off my feet while I was walking to work. These have¬†got to go I thought. The other thing that keeps me inspired is my husband who has 5 pairs of shoes, yet always looks great. I’ll never be able to get down to 5 pairs, but I can try!

So today I am donating some shoes: Favorite sandals that are pretty much worn out, pair of sandals given to me which don’t look good on me, Adidas shoes which look very high school-y, and the shoes that fell off my feet while walking to work (they look like Ferragamos, but sadly are not).

Check out the results above! I have some special occasion shoes in my closet, but that cleaning is for another day ūüôā

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