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The Hunger Games is NOT a Battle Royale Rip Off

25 Mar

If you’re a somewhat nerdy person, I’m sure you’ve thought it or at least heard it “The Hunger Games is just a rip off of the amazing Japanese Battle Royale!!” Sadly, I was once one of these people… until I actually read The Hunger Games. I’ve read the translated novel, Battle Royale, and have seen the movie as well. The only true similarity between both BR and THG is the general premise which still contains many differences:

  • The Hunger Games contains no exploding collars or other such devices
  • Is a collection of primarily strangers fighting
  • Involves training
  • There aren’t a million characters to keep track of
  • Totally different type of narrative
  • The differences just go on and on….

If you’ve actually read both books and still believe this, well that’s OK, it’s your opinion. However, I find the majority of folks making these comparisons are people who have never even read The Hunger Games. Don’t judge until you read 🙂





Hello Curly Hair!

18 Mar


I have a cool hair contraption (it’s very as seen on TV) that makes your hair into a perfectly polished bun. There’s a side effect though… Crazy curls! I might have to use my bun device just to get these curls again.

Stella & Dot Party

18 Mar

I was introduced to Stella & Dot after having a great time at a girlfriend’s party. It’s similar to Tupperware, Mary Kay, Cookie Lee, etc. but felt very different (in a good way). I loved the zero sales pressure and adorable jewelry. At no point does the sales rep ask “What are you buying..?” The focus is on having a good time. Pricing was pretty reasonable at $20-$200+, and the quality is good. I was unsure if I wanted to buy something, so my friend suggested I throw my own party to earn jewelry.

Well, I did just that! It was a big success too 🙂 I had a few close girlfriends over and they all loved the jewelry (plus my yummy appetizers). I ended up with around $60 in jewelry credits and received two 50% off items. I would have still had the party even if I had made $0 in jewelry credits, it was just that fun.

I received my jewelry yesterday and was really impressed by the careful packaging. Each piece comes in its own box with foam insulating and care instructions (pictured above). It’s all so cute!

I definitely plan on throwing another party when next season’s jewelry comes out and expanding the invite to more friends as well since my party went so well.



Music in my iTunes

13 Mar

So I haven’t actually looked at my iTunes in a reallllly long time so now I’m enjoying seeing some awesomely awesome, awesomely strange, and some downright terrible songs on my computer. Here’s just a few of the gems I’ve found:

  • My Funny Valentine – Matt Damon (yes, the version he sang in ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ Who needs the Nat King Cole version when there’s Matt Damon?)
  •  The Ding Dong Song – Gunther (still funny)
  • A bunch of songs by N.E.R.D which will be great for the gym. What ever happened to them??
  • Robot – Tatu, that strange Russian pop duo
  • Last Resort – Papa Roach, ahhh High School
  • Angry Linkin Park phase I went through
  • Sparks & We Never Change – Coldplay (Two of their best. Clocks is the worst…sorry)
  • Gasolina – Daddy Yankee (I watched a lot of Spanish MTV when I was in AZ )
  • My Band – D12 (one of the best music videos ever…)
  • Hit ‘Em Up Style – Blu Cantrell (time to go to Neiman Marcus)
  • Lonely – Babel Gilberto (just a great song, so smooth)
  • A lot of free iTunes songs from Starbucks, some which I thought might grow on me, but most still haven’t. The best free song I’ve gotten to date is still Le Disko.

Such a fun walk down musical memory lane 🙂

New Dream Purse: Coach Sophia Satchel…?

11 Mar

I haven’t bought a new designer purse since last year when I got a Le Pliage as a work bag. I haven’t really seen anything (besides that smaller orchid print Le Pliage) that’s caught my eye. In fact, I’ve actually been selling off pieces from my purse collection. However, I’m now lusting after a new Coach bag I saw recently, the Sophia from the Madison collection. I don’t own any Coach purses anymore, I felt I was moving on to bigger and better brands, but am now reconsidering. I love the simplicity and versatility of the style. Perhaps, I’ll even make a pilgrimage to the Coach Factory store to see if I can find something similar. I’m trying to move away from all the logo print bags as I feel they’re too flashy sometimes for everyday use. If I do end up with this bag, I’ll definitely post an update with pics.


4 Mar

My friend and I had purchased Groupons for a local painting class and finally got around to taking a class (only 12 days before expiration). It was really fun since there was wine and appetizers. The appetizers were Costco cookies and mini Laughing Cow cheeses, mmmmmm. We were guided step by step on how to paint the above Mediterranean sea-side view. Mine definitely didn’t look at good as some of the other ones, but overall I’m not too disappointed with my work.

On Sunday I hired a professional painter to work on something very important….my nails. It’s another fantastic $10 manicure with my favorite purple gray color. I was thinking of trying an all white nail color, but chickened out and went with something that I knew would look good. Maybe I’ll try pure white for summer.

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