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Karen Millen Dress (Ready to Party) !

9 Dec

karen_millenRemember my post about the Karen Millen dress I bought awhile ago? Well I finally got to wear it for the first time at my company holiday party. You can see it above along with my wonderful husband. It ended up looking amazing and was perfect for a nautical themed party. It also got a lot of nice compliments 😉 The only problem now? I really want to buy more Karen Millen dresses!


Stella & Dot Party

18 Mar

I was introduced to Stella & Dot after having a great time at a girlfriend’s party. It’s similar to Tupperware, Mary Kay, Cookie Lee, etc. but felt very different (in a good way). I loved the zero sales pressure and adorable jewelry. At no point does the sales rep ask “What are you buying..?” The focus is on having a good time. Pricing was pretty reasonable at $20-$200+, and the quality is good. I was unsure if I wanted to buy something, so my friend suggested I throw my own party to earn jewelry.

Well, I did just that! It was a big success too 🙂 I had a few close girlfriends over and they all loved the jewelry (plus my yummy appetizers). I ended up with around $60 in jewelry credits and received two 50% off items. I would have still had the party even if I had made $0 in jewelry credits, it was just that fun.

I received my jewelry yesterday and was really impressed by the careful packaging. Each piece comes in its own box with foam insulating and care instructions (pictured above). It’s all so cute!

I definitely plan on throwing another party when next season’s jewelry comes out and expanding the invite to more friends as well since my party went so well.



Blue Martini @ the Bravern

27 Feb

A few weeks ago my husband and I had the honor of being invited to the Bravern’s newest addition, Blue Martini, for a VIP opening party (on a Wednesday no less). It seems that my following the Bravern via e-mail, Twitter, and shopping there has really paid off! Anyways, here’s how the night played out:

  • Arrive and there’s a line. People are dressed in cocktail attire as well (as the invite requests) which is a pleasant surprise. They even require the invite to get in, how classy!
  • Get into Blue Martini, which is pretty crowded, but we score a pretty nice table near the main window.
  • Check out the menu and see tons of delicious martinis, but oh how pricey, $14 and up! We decide to share one and keep our wallets from crying.
  • Nice waitress comes over and alerts us that all martinis are free (which is what we were hoping for all along).
  • Commence drinking many (too many) delicious martinis. I recommend the mango one.
  • Order food (margarita flatbread).
  • Drink more martinis.
  • Wait another 90+ min and still no food.
  • Head over to Wild Ginger to finally get dinner and make a fool of myself by laughing at literally anything….really….anything.
  • Wonderful (and sober) husband drives us home. In bed by 9 pm.

All in all, Blue Martini had wonderful drinks, but never getting our food was a huge let down. The kitchen should have been better staffed for such a large party. Also for the future, I likely won’t be attending any more weekday night martini shindigs unless I have the next day off.


PS: My husband still wants his margarita flatbread.



Holly Zhang Pearl Gallery Grand Opening

19 Nov

Today husband and I went to the grand opening of the Holly Zhang Pearl Gallery at the Bravern in Bellevue. The Pearl Gallery did not disappoint!

We met Holly Zhang herself, who was just wonderful. Bellevue’s Mayor, Don Davidson, was also there and gave a very nice speech about the importance of small businesses.

The real show stealer was the merchandise. All the jewelry was gorgeous and most pieces were very reasonably priced. The freshwater pearls come in all colors and jewelry styles. There were higher-end gold pieces as well as more affordable versions in sterling silver.

We made the second purchase of the day!

Such pretty packaging!

Present for my Mom

Tea Party (not the political variety)

16 Oct

This weekend I hosted a tea party for a few of my friends. Verdict? Success!

During hosting I thought of a few things that worked really well and a few things I could have done better. Here’s the break down:


Have lots of tea pots for different teas. I only had 3 and one of the girls offered to bring extras, good call!

Mimosas, nice to have something else besides tea.

Lots of cupcakes!

TEA PARTY DO’s for next time:

More savory, non-dessert snacks. Toward the end of the party we were all in sugar coma.

Cuter / non-paper towel style napkins.

Next time I would love to make name cards and/or floral centerpiece. (you know, once I have time to learn calligraphy and the art of flower arrangement)

Can’t wait for my next party 😀

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