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Birchbox February 2013

21 Feb


This month’s Birchbox was another good one. I was originally hoping for some Lancome goodies, but was actually happy with all the non-Lancome items I received. Part of the fun of Birchbox is that there are a ton of combinations so the boxes are all different. You never know what you might get… What was in my box:

Ghirardelli Chocolate Square: This was fine. I would have rather had another make-up item.

Twistband in Brown: This is actually cute and useful. I will use it to pull my hair back at the gym or when I wash my face.

Vasanti Face Wash: I really love this one. I tried it last night and it does a great job of cleaning and smells nice. My face looked brighter! I also appreciate that it has ‘real’ packaging.

Nicole (by Nicole Richie) Perfume: Not really a fan of the scent. Smells too mature for me.

Color Club Mini Polish: I was actually hoping for the green vs. red color, but the red is nice. The sample size on this is perfect!

Also, I’ve been reviewing all my items on the Birchbox site earning points for future purchases. I’ve already earned $10. Looking forward to March!


Party on My Nails with OPI ‘The Living Daylights’

6 Jan

ImageI’m extremely low maintenance when it comes to make-up (I only wear it on special occasions), but I absolutely adore nail polish. My regular colored nails are just so boring! I paint my nails every Sunday while I watch Bob’s Burgers (which is a fantastic show btw).

I received 3 new shades of OPI nail polish for Christmas, but the one I was most excited to try was ‘The Living Daylights’ from the James Bond collection. It’s a clear polish with big glitter bits in pink, blue, gold, and silver. I decided to try it over a Tiffany blue colored polish (Wet n’ Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint) so the glitter could take center stage.

The application of the glitter polish was a bit more difficult than expected. The glitter tended to clump up vs. spreading evenly in one coat. I used the brush to dab on glitter where I wanted it which worked well.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the result and am looking forward to trying out ‘The Living Daylights’ over other colors.


Pedicure at Tiffany’s

28 Oct

So I’m always trying to save money whether it be on clothes, beauty products, food, everything! One thing I don’t skimp on though is pedicures. Why? Whenever I try to do home pedicures they look so awful I usually end up removing the nail polish and going to the pros anyways. Plus, I found an AMAZING local place that does very high quality pedicures for only $20. The technician will spend about an hour making your feet beautiful. That’s totally worth $20.

Today was a cloudy Sunday which was a great day to sit indoors and get pampered. I also convinced my husband to get one too (no polish) and he liked how soft his feet felt after. It was definitely a fun couples thing to do. I usually go with pink polish on my toes about 99% of the time so today I decided to switch it up with China Glaze’s ‘For Audrey’. I love the result! Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than a visit to Tiffany’s.

Pretty packaging

6 Oct


Can you believe there’s make-up in there too? Memoirs of a Kitty compact with iPhone art.

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