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Nintendo DS Refurbishment

19 Jan

As luck would have it I recently received a free Nintendo DS Lite. It was on a FREE STUFF! table at work and I was lucky enough to pass by this before anyone else. I used to have an old style Nintendo DS (in teal) but I sold it. I had recently been thinking fondly on my many hours playing Animal Crossing on the DS so I felt on top of the world finding a DS for myself. There was just one issue….. Spiderman Stickers.



Now some of you might be looking at this thinking, awww they’re kinda cute! You would be wrong. I’m a twenty something female and I really don’t want Spiderman stickers on anything I own. Period.

So began my journey to remove these special stickers. The barbed wire and web ones were pretty easy to remove. They came off  by scratching with my nails or a plastic card followed up by Goo Gone to remove the residue; however that soon changed. Once I got to Spiderman’s head I knew I was in trouble. Scratching only resulted in nothing happening or teeny tiny 1/1,000 of the total sticker pieces coming off. Ugh. Goo Gone, razor blade, countless Internet searches…nothing worked. I finally got the full Spiderman sticker off after several nights of nail scratching fun. Now I’m finally at the point of trying to get rid of Venom’s sticker head and am ready to give up.

I hate you Venom. So much.

I hate you Venom. So much.

Now my DS just looks evil or cursed (the stickers are definitely cursed). I honestly can’t decide whether to continue sticker removal or to just buy a gelaskin or such to put over it. I’m quite partial to Van Gogh’s ‘Almond Branches in Bloom’. I fought a good battle, but the stickers may have one this one. We’ll see.



PlayStation 1 Games I Wish I Hadn’t Sold

28 Dec

This is all that’s left of my PS1 Game Collection

Over Christmas break I have been hit my this huge wave of PlayStation 1 nostalgia. PlayStation 1 is my all time favorite game console. It definitely marked one of my best Christmases ever (along with the previous Sega Genesis Christmas). Plus, it had so many really great games. Unfortunately, I sold pretty much my whole game collection, because I love money too! All that’s left of my collection is one lonely copy of Darkstalkers still in the original HUGE box. The craziness of the box and memories of really really old PS1 games made me keep this one in particular. Games I wish I still had though and potentially want to repurchase:

Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo: Seriously one of my all time favorite games. I love puzzle and fighting games and this was the perfect combo. It’s especially fun to play with friends. I have the downloaded HD version but it’s not the same 😦 There’s no quest mode in the re-release (I need to be on a quest unlocking random art and terrible Japanese pop songs!!). I sold this game because it never worked on my PS2 for some reason which was a huge bummer. Otherwise I would have kept it.

Resident Evil 1: The start of the amazingness and awfulness that defines the Resident Evil series. PS1 times were generally good for RE (RE1-3), but I did have Survivor and it was THE WORST). RE1 was so scary at the time and I loved the puzzles. Even in 2012 sometimes I want to wander around that big mansion shooting zombies and finding crests. Also, the live action opening sequence was pretty great.

Parappa the Rapper: I never really got into the whole DDR craze, but I really loved the original dance and rhythm games like Parappa, Um Jammer Lammy, and Bust a Groove. The paper animation style was so cute and unique too. I still remember some of the songs….which is totally not embarrassing at all, right?

Clock Tower 2: I bought a used copy of this game from Blockbuster Video for $5 way back when (apparently no one else liked it). It was worth every penny! It was frightening and frustrating. The first stage in the traditional Japanese home was especially great (omg, the samurai armor is coming to life!!!). I had to play it over and over and over so I could finally get the good ending where I wasn’t stabbed or chopped up.

Galerians: This game had some of the best cut scenes and a really engrossing story (one of those you don’t know who you are etc…. but you have bad ass telekinetic powers and need to escape/find someone). I knew it would have good cut scenes because the game was on many many discs. The fact that I don’t remember all the details of the story makes me want to play again even more!

There’s actually a lot more games I wish I hadn’t sold, but this is probably a good place to stop. Are you bored yet? 🙂 Moral of the story, don’t sell your games unless you are absolutely sure you won’t want to play them 10+ years later.

Street Fighter x Sanrio Fight Stick has Arrived!

14 Dec

DSC04854Whether you know it or not, I like a lot of things. Some of my favorite things are:

  • Sanrio characters (especially Hello Kitty)
  • The color pink
  • Fighting games
  • Street Fighter

So when Mad Catz came out with a Sanrio Street Fighter  fight stick (IN HOT PINK) I knew I had to get one. Seriously, this is all the things I love….in one really cool fight stick. Lucky for me I didn’t already own a fight stick so I had the perfect excuse to buy one. Also, they only made 500. I am now in an elite Sanrio Street Fighter themed club.

Anyways, it arrived today and the unboxing was simply magical! The box quality and artwork are awesome. The fight stick itself looks gorgeous as well. Take a look for yourself…


I’m hoping this will bring my Street Fighter 4 game to a whole new level (and my Sanrio collection)!!!

PAX 2012: Day 2

2 Sep

PAX Day 2 was a lot more focused than PAX Day 1. We had the lay of the land and actual goals on Day 2. One of my goals was to obtain Triple Town stuff. I had always wanted a plush bear and sure enough, they were there at the small Spry Fox booth. At the time I purchased early Saturday they were only selling the bears along with T-shirts and posters as a package ($40 including tax). There were only 25 left so of course I had to buy it. Check out my new goods:

My other Day 2 highlight was hearing Hideo Kojima (creator of the Metal Gear series) speak about the legacy of Metal Gear as well as the upcoming game. Really amazing stuff! Afterwards at a separate event I received a signed poster and got to shake his hand. Of the many PAX lines to stand in, this one felt like it was actually worth it.

PAX Swag 2012: Day 1

1 Sep


2012 is my first year at PAX. I had always been intrigued about going, but never did (even though I live relatively close). Well this year was different! I did get to go thanks to my new video game connections. It’s been really awesome so far. One of my favorite things about PAX is getting all the cool free swag. My current motto is collect as much as possible, decide on what you want to keep later. Even if I don’t love it, some of my friends, family or coworkers might 🙂 Above is my husband and I’s haul from Day 1. Some of the items you need to play the game to get (i.e., standing in line for a long time), others are just given out at will. Many of my favorite swag pieces have been right place, right time deals so far. Here are a few of the highlights:


  • PopCap Walnut hat: So cute and totally functional! Will keep your head warm in the winter.
  • Trion Defiance Hellbug Plush: It’s evil-looking, cute, and super soft. I just like it and I don’t know why.
  • Sega Sonic 2 Adventures Lanyard: Really great quality with all the characters. The art is so pretty.
  • PS Giant God of War cross body bag: It did a great job of holding all my stuff.
  • Konami Metal Gear and Sega Alien Photos: Is there anything better than photos of you with Snake or an Alien??

The worst….?

  • Bizarre Sega Poop with Chainsaw hat… I took one because I honestly felt bad for the guy passing them out. He REALLY wanted me to take one so I did.

Check back for more PAX updates and swag pics 😀

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