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Crazy Halloween!

31 Oct

So far it’s been a crazy day, so crazy it’s worth blogging about! Things that have happened:

  • Have actually had multiple Trick or Treaters at the house, first year this has happened!
  • Heard a bunch of gunshots in Seattle right next to my bus stop/ office, so scary.
  • I get to be a sailor!
  • I got some extra money!
  • Saw some crazy costumes all around Seattle (the best was a guy in a full antique diver’s suit).
  • Delivered the last of my big ol’ projects

Happy Halloween!






Goals for when I have time

26 Oct

Lately I’ve been busy, so busy I barely have time to sleep it seems like! However, November will slow down… I think.

Goals for November:

Get rid of stuff I don’t need anymore:  My workspaces at both work and home need help. My desk and cube went from IKEA showroom to Hoarders in 3 weeks.

Do some real exercise (at least once): The Megan that worked at a gym (circa 2005) and would work her shift and then hit the gym for an hour or so is mocking me big time.

Make some art… that might be worth hanging up in the house: This will be challenging.

And just to round things out, cooking something from scratch is always a good goal. Yesterday I ‘cooked’ a garden burger and ate it on a piece of white bread with a chunk of unmelted cheese on top. The saddest thing was that it actually tasted really good. I don’t care how many people tell me that cooking is easy, I am terrible at it. I think my cooking gene was accidentally replaced by the being good at things that don’t really matter gene (juggling, hula hooping, trivia, and those quick time actions in video games).


Outdoor decor

20 Oct


The pumpkin fits in nicely with the owl statue. Everyone loves angry owl, money well spent to spice up the front stoop.


Restaurant Week

20 Oct


I’ve been so busy I’ve been neglecting my poor blog. One of my recent highlights was eating at Seastar with my husband for Restaurant Week. Everything was amazing but the dessert was really special. Pictured is the Passion Fruit Panna Cotta. So many flavors and textures, probably one of the best desserts ever.

Tea Party (not the political variety)

16 Oct

This weekend I hosted a tea party for a few of my friends. Verdict? Success!

During hosting I thought of a few things that worked really well and a few things I could have done better. Here’s the break down:


Have lots of tea pots for different teas. I only had 3 and one of the girls offered to bring extras, good call!

Mimosas, nice to have something else besides tea.

Lots of cupcakes!

TEA PARTY DO’s for next time:

More savory, non-dessert snacks. Toward the end of the party we were all in sugar coma.

Cuter / non-paper towel style napkins.

Next time I would love to make name cards and/or floral centerpiece. (you know, once I have time to learn calligraphy and the art of flower arrangement)

Can’t wait for my next party 😀


Cute cookie

14 Oct


And delicious.


My favorite DVDs!

13 Oct


These are the movies and shows that deserve repeat viewings 🙂

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