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Busy Times!

14 Apr


It has been some time since my last post, but I’m back! Things I’ve been up to:

Short trip to Arizona to visit my parents: It’s nice to be in the sun, but as always I remember why Washington is clearly the best state to live in. We went to the Pima County Air Museum and the Desert Museum which were both a lot of fun. I saw owls and falcons!

Birthday: It was in Arizona, but I also had birthday celebrations in Washington with more family. I turned 28! Check later for blog posts on some of my special gifts I got!

Weddings: There was one this weekend in Seattle and I have one next weekend in Alaska. I finally got a chance to wear my Neiman Marcus for Target cape by Prabal Gurung (pictured above). I also wore a Prabal Gurung for Target dress, matchy matchy!

Future Travel: Alaska next weekend and Japan in a couple weeks.

Goals: Continue planning for Japan and studying Japanese. We have plane tickets, hotel booked, a voucher for the Miyazaki Museum, my high school and college Japanese language skills, and then a bunch of my ‘ideas’. Should be great, right?!


Prabal Gurung for Target

10 Feb

The Prabal Gurung Collection for Target came out today and if you’ve read my blog before you should already know that I love the Target designer collections, LOVE THEM!

I wasn’t as excited about this collection compared to Missoni or Jason Wu where I wanted 90% of the collection, but there were 2 dresses that caught my eye. My husband and I planned to go into Seattle to celebrate Chinese New Year so I figured I could hit up the new City Target and maybe check out some of the pieces. No big deal if they were sold out, I wasn’t going to wake up at 8 am/ run into the store like a crazy person like I did for Jason Wu dresses.

We arrived at City Target at around 2 pm and imagine my surprise when I see racks and racks of Prabal Gurung clothing everywhere. Wow, City Target was really stocked, none of this limited stock BS my local suburban Target does with the special styles.

The ending: I purchased one of the dresses I really liked, no hassle at all. I’ll post a picture later. I plan on wearing it to a friend’s wedding 🙂

The lesson: If a design collection for Target comes out that I’m interested in I’m skipping my local Target and going to City Target first.

Bauble Bar Necklace

30 Dec

ImageI received my first piece of Bauble Bar jewelry for Christmas (Green Dew Drop Bib – $32) and I absolutely love it! I’d been wanting something from Bauble Bar for a long time. The jewelry is trendy, but affordable and the quality is quite nice. You get 10 points for each $10 spent which you can save up for free jewelry! Plus, the packaging is adorable and FREE SHIPPING. Who doesn’t love free shipping?

Here’s the necklace on (I love how substantial it is + the color is gorgeous):


Black Friday Dress in Action!

24 Dec

PC228471_edited-2 copyI got to wear one of my Black Friday purchases yesterday for a party! The dress? It’s the Looking Like a Million Dress in Violet!

I’m not quite sure I looked like a million, but I definitely like the dress. A deep purple is a great color for the holidays. My biggest problem with the dress was the flimsy ribbon ‘belt’ it came with (basically just a piece of ribbon). I can’t tie nice bows…at all… so I used my own belt which worked pretty well.

For $40 this dress is a nice addition to any closet.



Karen Millen Dress (Ready to Party) !

9 Dec

karen_millenRemember my post about the Karen Millen dress I bought awhile ago? Well I finally got to wear it for the first time at my company holiday party. You can see it above along with my wonderful husband. It ended up looking amazing and was perfect for a nautical themed party. It also got a lot of nice compliments 😉 The only problem now? I really want to buy more Karen Millen dresses!

Long Hair Goal Update

15 Jul

I blogged in December about wanting long hair again and after not cutting it for almost a year, it feels like something is finally happening! Today I looked in the mirror and thought ‘Wow, my hair looks long!’

This in fact may be the longest that my hair has ever been! After having short hair for probably 90% of my life it feels really good to try something new.

Summer is here!

12 Jul

Summer has arrived for Seattle and I’m rocking my summer dresses. The weather has been fabulous lately, in the 70s and 80s, and I’m making good use of my closet full of warm weather clothes.

The picture is of one of my all time favorite dresses and I actually wore this one today. The picture is of me in Hawaii though. I wish Seattle’s beaches were a bit more Hawaii-like sometimes….

Remember my old blog post about trying to be more fashionable at work (i.e., not wearing jeans everyday)? It’s happening! I’ve been wearing nice dresses and have been getting some super nice compliments in return. One person told me I was one of the most fashionable people at work; that alone is worth dressing nicely all the time.

I must enjoy the sun and warmth while it’s here!




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