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New floor, new space

1 Jun

Someone was giving this away…for free….how could I say no?

I moved to a new floor at work and have been realllly trying hard to keep it clean and minimalist. This has been increasingly hard due to:

  • Amazing free stuff people are giving away at work. Can anyone say solar bobble head Japanese thingie? Oh yeah…totally have that on my desk now.
  • Cool stuff to buy all over Seattle. My latest impulse buy was a terrarium for my desk.
  • Free toys, games, etc. via work. For now I’m storing a lot of these in my filing cabinet, but I’m already running out of room.

I have a view of the water from my desk which is nice. I can see cruise ships!! Seattle has the most amazing views and it’s so nice to be in an office building with views. My last office had a view of a Starbucks and a bus stop, not so great. In fact any office without a skee ball machine and free organic sodas seems downright wrong nowadays 😉

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