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Pedicure at Tiffany’s

28 Oct

So I’m always trying to save money whether it be on clothes, beauty products, food, everything! One thing I don’t skimp on though is pedicures. Why? Whenever I try to do home pedicures they look so awful I usually end up removing the nail polish and going to the pros anyways. Plus, I found an AMAZING local place that does very high quality pedicures for only $20. The technician will spend about an hour making your feet beautiful. That’s totally worth $20.

Today was a cloudy Sunday which was a great day to sit indoors and get pampered. I also convinced my husband to get one too (no polish) and he liked how soft his feet felt after. It was definitely a fun couples thing to do. I usually go with pink polish on my toes about 99% of the time so today I decided to switch it up with China Glaze’s ‘For Audrey’. I love the result! Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than a visit to Tiffany’s.


Amazing Malaysia!

24 Oct


I finally got to visit one of my dream countries, Malaysia. I went to Singapore too, but I’ll save that for another post. Malaysia was just amazing! For our 10 days there, we were able to do and  see a lot. We visited quite a few different cities including KL, Penang, Ipoh, and more! The weather was pretty darn good, in the mid 80s with lots of humidity. I loved the extra hair volume!! 😉 It did rain 2 days of our stay, but that was fun too. I like seeing all types of weather.


The food: In Malaysia food is inexpensive and good. You can get a great plate of food for anywhere from $1.50-$4 USD. Roti canai is my personal favorite and I got to try it at many different shops and stands. The good news is I only gained 2 lbs after eating non-stop.

Batu Caves: The caves are amazing and filled with monkeys! The Lord Murugan statue is quite epic in scale. So scenic and definitely worth the visit. I got to drink coconut water straight from the coconut which was a first.

KL Bird Park: Just plain fun if you like birds. You can hand feed many of the birds and there’s a lot of great photo opportunities. The bird show was pretty cute and funny as some of the birds couldn’t quite do their tricks right.

Aquarium at KLCC: It has the aquarium style tunnel tube where you can have sharks and manta rays swim over you, wow! I also saw a piranha feeding which was pretty amazing.

Shopping! (which is everywhere): I didn’t buy much at all, but it was so fun looking through some of the malls which make my local malls look teeny. Designer items are crazy expensive compared to US prices.

Penang beaches: I loved swimming in the warm ocean and soaking up the sun. Beautiful and relaxing.


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