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Learning how to cook!

26 May


This 3 day weekend marks my first solid attempt at teaching myself to cook. Currently most of the food I make comes from a box and I mean to change that. Today I made scalloped potatoes from scratch (pictured) and they turned out great. Can’t wait to cook more!!!


I’m back!

18 May

Wow, I haven’t written a blog post in quite a long time. Of course I’ve been busy with other things such as…

  • Traveling! Went to AZ for a few days to see my parents and I achieved a new bucket list goal: flying first class. It was amazing. I love having a ‘real’ meal with silverware and ceramic dishwear. I reallllly like the free wine. I also got a pedicure at Butter of London in the airport before the flight, fancy fun!
  • Booking Travel! Tickets to Malaysia are officially purchased!!! Nothing else is booked, but who cares because getting over there is the important part 😉 Getting 2 weeks off from my new job was no problem at all either which felt really good.
  • Working! I love my job more than ever. Going to work is actually fun, yes fun. I’m working on my skee ball skills too lately in one of the game rooms. I want to break the 300 score mark.
  • Working Out! Husband has been so great at making sure we work out. We’ve been trying yoga classes together. I totally suck at yoga and get frustrated, but admit it is a great workout.
  • New Hobby! Husband and I’s new joint married hobby (besides yoga?) is shooting at the range. I was horrible at first, but can now hit the target! It feels so satisfying to get better at something you’re initially really bad at and it’s so fun. Shooting targets > Yoga.

I can’t wait to plan even more trips for 2013. 


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