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My Favorite Baby Stuff

10 Jun

Now that I’ve been a Mom for 10 weeks!!! I have some pretty strong opinions on baby stuff, including what the must haves really are. Spoiler alert: I definitely missed out on some crucial items when I created my baby registry.

Misconceptions I had regarding baby stuff:

The crib is the #1 thing to have! The crib must be ready before the baby comes!

Reality: My baby spends like 30 minutes a day in her crib (napping if I’m lucky). Newborns will want to co-sleep, be in a bassinet, and will basically sleep anywhere that is not a crib.

A newborn won’t care about toys. See this couch cushion, toy! This plastic cup, toy!

Reality: Babies like to look at things, especially things overhead. I didn’t register for a real activity mat, which now feels like a big mistake. We recently got one that doubles as a ball pit and now it’s fun time, anytime! Also, I no longer have to spend hours holding toys above my baby’s head.

There’s no way I’m turning my living room into a Babies R’ Us. My living room will remain posh and adult like.

Reality: Yes, my baby likes the classy Baby Bjorn bouncer that looks like a piece of Euro furniture, but she likes the used Fisher Price ‘Snugga Bunny’ rocker even more…. It’s totally OK to have baby stuff in the living room all the time. Also, babies like things that look like they’re made for babies vs. adults.

Baby wearing… not sure if I’ll do it… seems a little hippy-ish.

Reality: Baby wearing has been a life saver and overall is just a sweet fun thing to do. The $18 Balboa Baby Sling I found at Ross is used every day and lets me clean, write, exercise, and snuggle (on the go!). I only wish I would have found this sooner.

I’ll just buy medical stuff once the baby arrives.

Reality: While you can do this for some items, you’ll want to have a thermometer, diaper rash cream, lotion, etc. before the baby arrives vs. when you need it. No one wants to stress about buying a thermometer when you think your baby has a fever. I got the Kinsa and it’s really slick, but it takes time to set up. Give yourself that time.

I won’t register for any baby clothes because people will give me baby clothes anyways.

Reality: While this is somewhat true, I realized we were definitely lacking newborn sized clothes. A lot of clothes gifted to us were larger and sometimes not for the right season. Also, I learned quickly that I hated doing all the little snaps a million times per day for diaper changes. The zipper body suits were really the newborn clothes I wanted. In the early days, I definitely wanted function over fashion. Now that I have more experience being a Mom and am getting more sleep, I can handle the 3 piece outfits 😉

Looking forward to seeing what future must have items I’ll discover!




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