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The best coffee in Seattle is….

7 Oct

After working and living in Seattle for close to  5 years I’ve become crazy about coffee, especially trying local places (and no, Starbucks doesn’t count). After, drinking hundreds of cups of coffee, in my humble opinion no cup is as good as the one you can get at Zeitgeist Coffee in Pioneer Square (171 S. Jackson St. Seattle, WA 98101).

Why it’s so amazing:

  • The coffee is super smooth and the taste….
  • The baristas do adorable foam designs, anything from leaves to hearts
Drink of choice: Latte
  • There’s cool art all about (it’s like a gallery and cafe all in one)
  • Excellent people watching
  • Free WIFI and lots of seating
  • It’s a block away from my office

Whether you’re local or not, if you ever happen to be in Pioneer Square, treat yourself to a cup!

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