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Birchbox January 2013

24 Jan

ImageI received my very first Birchbox today!

Me: “My Birchbox arrived, yayyy!”

Husband: “Is there wood inside?”

For $10 a month you get a nice box of beauty samples, sometimes even full size items! It’s a fun surprise and you can cancel at any time. Here’s what was inside mine:



The best item was by far the full size Model Co. lip gloss in ‘showgirl red’. It’s very sheer and looks great. I also love the little mirror on it. I’m excited about the No 4 clarifying shampoo and the mini Caudalie radiance cream also seems promising. The rest of the samples are nice too, but I really prefer real packaging to the funky little flat plastic magazine sample styled items. 

Looking forward to my next Birchbox already!


Nintendo DS Refurbishment

19 Jan

As luck would have it I recently received a free Nintendo DS Lite. It was on a FREE STUFF! table at work and I was lucky enough to pass by this before anyone else. I used to have an old style Nintendo DS (in teal) but I sold it. I had recently been thinking fondly on my many hours playing Animal Crossing on the DS so I felt on top of the world finding a DS for myself. There was just one issue….. Spiderman Stickers.



Now some of you might be looking at this thinking, awww they’re kinda cute! You would be wrong. I’m a twenty something female and I really don’t want Spiderman stickers on anything I own. Period.

So began my journey to remove these special stickers. The barbed wire and web ones were pretty easy to remove. They came off  by scratching with my nails or a plastic card followed up by Goo Gone to remove the residue; however that soon changed. Once I got to Spiderman’s head I knew I was in trouble. Scratching only resulted in nothing happening or teeny tiny 1/1,000 of the total sticker pieces coming off. Ugh. Goo Gone, razor blade, countless Internet searches…nothing worked. I finally got the full Spiderman sticker off after several nights of nail scratching fun. Now I’m finally at the point of trying to get rid of Venom’s sticker head and am ready to give up.

I hate you Venom. So much.

I hate you Venom. So much.

Now my DS just looks evil or cursed (the stickers are definitely cursed). I honestly can’t decide whether to continue sticker removal or to just buy a gelaskin or such to put over it. I’m quite partial to Van Gogh’s ‘Almond Branches in Bloom’. I fought a good battle, but the stickers may have one this one. We’ll see.


Orla Kiely for Method

15 Jan

Pear Ginger Hand Soap

I’m a bit of a sucker for cute packaging on products. So imaging my joy when I spotted Orla Kiely Method products at my local Target. I think Method makes some of the most fantastic cleaning products around and Orla Kiely has some of the cutest designs around so of course I had to buy both matching soap and spray cleaner. I chose Pear Ginger for the adorable pear design and the amazing smell. I’m looking forward to reusing both soap and cleaning bottles because they’re so darn cute (and green). The only thing that makes me sad is that these are limited edition. Get em’ while you can!

Shop Method

Party on My Nails with OPI ‘The Living Daylights’

6 Jan

ImageI’m extremely low maintenance when it comes to make-up (I only wear it on special occasions), but I absolutely adore nail polish. My regular colored nails are just so boring! I paint my nails every Sunday while I watch Bob’s Burgers (which is a fantastic show btw).

I received 3 new shades of OPI nail polish for Christmas, but the one I was most excited to try was ‘The Living Daylights’ from the James Bond collection. It’s a clear polish with big glitter bits in pink, blue, gold, and silver. I decided to try it over a Tiffany blue colored polish (Wet n’ Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint) so the glitter could take center stage.

The application of the glitter polish was a bit more difficult than expected. The glitter tended to clump up vs. spreading evenly in one coat. I used the brush to dab on glitter where I wanted it which worked well.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the result and am looking forward to trying out ‘The Living Daylights’ over other colors.


Happy 2013!

1 Jan

It’s now the year 2013. Whoa!

2012 was a pretty good year for me all around. I think I made my same resolutions for 2012 as always: save more money, exercise more, cook more, travel etc… Funny enough, I actually followed through on some. Here are my 2012 highlights:

  • Joined a gym. Prior to joining a gym I didn’t really exercise other than walking to places I needed to go to….like the computer or Tupperware full of cookies. Pretty sure I must be healthier in 2012 vs. 2011 even though I have little evidence of this.
  • Visited some new countries! I finally got to go to Malaysia and Singapore. Definitely the highlight of 2012 and the first time I had been out of North America since 2001.
  • I now own my car. No more car payments and it feels so good!
  • Bought 4 new house/office plants and they are still all alive! I like having non-dead plants.
  • Cooked more homemade meals more often. Now dinner doesn’t have to be a frozen Costco meal!
  • Spent less money on takeout coffee. This was mainly achieved thanks to my new re-usable Starbucks cup (cost: $1). I just put office coffee in it and pretend it’s takeout coffee.

What will 2013 bring?


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