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Black Friday Deals

23 Nov

This year I got quite a few Black Friday deals and I didn’t even have to get up early! I’m not a huge Black Friday shopper, but it’s hard to say no on certain items. My top 3 reasons for indulging in some serious Black Friday deals:

  1. The items are generally at their cheapest vs. any other time of the year.
  2. Many of the deals are online so you don’t even need to leave the house.
  3. If you get serious buyers remorse, the items can usually be returned.

Yesterday: I bought 3 dresses from, all 50% off. I feel like modcloth has the same cute style as Anthropologie, but wayyyyyy cheaper. Plus they have free return shipping. 3 super cute dresses for $103 total is a fantastic deal in my book.

Today: 2 pairs of fleece tight for $7 each (50% off, hooray). The big purchase was a laptop: 17.3″ Toshiba Satellite for $399 (after rebates) from Staples. I purchased the very last one. My 4 year old HP is seriously breaking down, so much so that I have only turned it on twice this year. It will be nice to have a functional laptop again! So far, it’s been great. I’m hoping it might even help me blog more.



Stunning Singapore

11 Nov


As promised, I wanted to recount the other part of my big trip: Singapore!

Singapore is definitely one of the most modern cities I’ve ever been to. There’s amazing architechture and art at every turn. The cleanliness and effciency reminded me a lot of Japan when I was there in 2000. Here are are my top Singapore highlights:

Gardens by the Bay: It houses two biodomes, one with flowers (Flower Dome), the other with an indoor waterfall and rain forest plants (Cloud Dome). There’s also the Supertree Grove (pictured) with beautiful ‘super’ tree sculptures that suspend a walking bridge. You can walk around in the trees! Definitely a must see if you are in Singapore.

The Singapore Flyer: This is the world’s largest observation wheel, holding multi-person carriages that gives you a bird’s eye view of all the main Singapore sights. It was a little pricey at around $20 per person, but still worth it. We did this first and it gave us a great perspective of where everything was in the city. Be sure to go on a clear day!

Asian Civilizations Museum: If you like historical museums, this is a good ones. There are pieces from China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and beyond. My favorites exhibits were temple carvings, calligraphy, and precious jewelery.

We were only in Singapore for three days and unfortunately didn’t get to see everything we wanted too, but we did see a lot. Next time, we’ll check out the zoo, Marina Bay Sands, and maybe even some of the theme parks. If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend a trip to Singapore, especially if you’re in the area. From Malaysia, the airfare was less than $100 USD.

Happy traveling 🙂

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