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Week 2 of No Jeans at Work!

29 Nov

So I finally took a picture of one of my work outfits. I’ve finally broken out of my jeans at work mode, hooray!

Having warm fuzzy tights has really revolutionized my winter wardrobe. I actually look forward to wearing dresses again. Slacks (at least the ones I own) are SO uncomfortable so I’m sticking with dresses.

Also, random fact: the cardigan I’m wearing was on an episode of this season’s Parks and Rec as worn by Tammy II. Banana Republic, also worn by celebrities, who knew?

Dress: Ruby Rox (Nordstrom Rack), I ❤ polka dots.


Changing Seasons!

27 Nov


I finally found a wreath I really liked and finally have it all set up! The Christmas season is upon us!

It has been a great 4 day weekend, fun Thanksgiving with family and even got a few Black Friday deals. All my purchases were cute sweater tights so that I can wear my summer dresses again (without freezing to death) !

And work? It’s great so far!! I’m really enjoying being ‘new’ again.

First Day on the New Job

21 Nov

My first day felt great! The office is very cool; lots of games, healthy food options, mini gym, and neat stuff to look at in general. Did I mention there are also Razor scooters to ride around on? More good exercise right there!

There’s a lot to learn which is always exciting. I can’t wait to master all the new skills needed.

And…. so far I am keeping my promise of wearing cute outfits 😉 Today I wore an H&M polka dot blouse, black slacks, and shiny red Target heels. Hopefully tomorrow I will remember to take a picture.


Holly Zhang Pearl Gallery Grand Opening

19 Nov

Today husband and I went to the grand opening of the Holly Zhang Pearl Gallery at the Bravern in Bellevue. The Pearl Gallery did not disappoint!

We met Holly Zhang herself, who was just wonderful. Bellevue’s Mayor, Don Davidson, was also there and gave a very nice speech about the importance of small businesses.

The real show stealer was the merchandise. All the jewelry was gorgeous and most pieces were very reasonably priced. The freshwater pearls come in all colors and jewelry styles. There were higher-end gold pieces as well as more affordable versions in sterling silver.

We made the second purchase of the day!

Such pretty packaging!

Present for my Mom


Longchamp Le Pliage Tote

17 Nov


This bag has been around a long time, but I felt I had to write a little something on this bag. I just hauled all my cubicle stuff away using this beauty!

I purchased this as a work bag earlier this year and it serves it’s purpose beautifully. It holds everything, yet is lightweight and stylish. I balked at the price at first, but after watching this become my everyday bag I realize it was well worth it.


16 Nov

I can’t believe I start my new job in 4 days. One thing I really want to do which I haven’t successfully been able to do in my current job is really step up my day to day wardrobe.

When I started my last job this is how things went:

Week 1: Cute silk tops, nice work pants, skirts, heels! (looking very classy and business-like)

Week 2: Nice cotton collared shirts, dark wash jeans, ballet flats. (OK, business casual but still put together)

Week 3: I have convinced myself that Puma velcro shoes totally qualify as business casual.

The biggest influence on the steep degradation in my wardrobe choices is really just working in the tech industry. Casual clothing is the norm and it’s such a hard habit to break! I’m always wondering how the people who do truly dress up every day do it. Don’t they like sleeping in??

There’s a girl on my bus who is always very well dressed, rocking trendy clothes, heels, and hair that looks magazine perfect. For awhile I’ve been very curious about where she works, secretly hoping she’s in the tech industry too. Today I actually found out where she works and I shouldn’t be surprised….. Nordstrom, the one place where having a good outfit is not an option, it’s a requirement. I admit I was a bit let down and should have seen this coming. I don’t think I could get away with wearing a flower headband to work as much as I would like to :/

It will be a challenge, but I am really going to try to dress up every day for my new job to hopefully establish myself as that professional yet fashionably dressed girl.



Nordstrom Holiday Goodies

15 Nov


I received a Nordstrom Holiday catalog and of course it’s full of good stuff. Some stuff is always better than the rest though. The shoes pictured are my favorite. Enzo Angiolini for $119.95. Imagine, I could be Black Swan whenever I wanted wearing these…

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