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Fall Wreath

24 Sep


Thanks to Pinterest I’m way into making wreaths. I don’t like to make copies though so I do my own thing. For my fall wreath I bought fall faux flowers, cut off all the leaves, and hot glued them to a $4 wooden wreath I bought. I also bought brown satin ribbon to add a bottom bow (I love bows). It took me 45 min and I’m quite pleased with the result 🙂 2 holidays down, quite a few to go!


PAX 2012: Day 2

2 Sep

PAX Day 2 was a lot more focused than PAX Day 1. We had the lay of the land and actual goals on Day 2. One of my goals was to obtain Triple Town stuff. I had always wanted a plush bear and sure enough, they were there at the small Spry Fox booth. At the time I purchased early Saturday they were only selling the bears along with T-shirts and posters as a package ($40 including tax). There were only 25 left so of course I had to buy it. Check out my new goods:

My other Day 2 highlight was hearing Hideo Kojima (creator of the Metal Gear series) speak about the legacy of Metal Gear as well as the upcoming game. Really amazing stuff! Afterwards at a separate event I received a signed poster and got to shake his hand. Of the many PAX lines to stand in, this one felt like it was actually worth it.

PAX Swag 2012: Day 1

1 Sep


2012 is my first year at PAX. I had always been intrigued about going, but never did (even though I live relatively close). Well this year was different! I did get to go thanks to my new video game connections. It’s been really awesome so far. One of my favorite things about PAX is getting all the cool free swag. My current motto is collect as much as possible, decide on what you want to keep later. Even if I don’t love it, some of my friends, family or coworkers might 🙂 Above is my husband and I’s haul from Day 1. Some of the items you need to play the game to get (i.e., standing in line for a long time), others are just given out at will. Many of my favorite swag pieces have been right place, right time deals so far. Here are a few of the highlights:


  • PopCap Walnut hat: So cute and totally functional! Will keep your head warm in the winter.
  • Trion Defiance Hellbug Plush: It’s evil-looking, cute, and super soft. I just like it and I don’t know why.
  • Sega Sonic 2 Adventures Lanyard: Really great quality with all the characters. The art is so pretty.
  • PS Giant God of War cross body bag: It did a great job of holding all my stuff.
  • Konami Metal Gear and Sega Alien Photos: Is there anything better than photos of you with Snake or an Alien??

The worst….?

  • Bizarre Sega Poop with Chainsaw hat… I took one because I honestly felt bad for the guy passing them out. He REALLY wanted me to take one so I did.

Check back for more PAX updates and swag pics 😀

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