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PAX 2013

15 Sep


I haven’t done a blog post for quite some time so I figured I better update everyone about PAX 2013! It was definitely a lot of fun, but not as fun as last year’s. It somehow felt smaller: there weren’t as many games to play, not as much good swag, and I wasn’t interested in any of the panels this year. I didn’t even get to really see a PS4 or Xbox One in person, just the controllers.

PAX highlights for me included:

  • PopCap booth with PvZ 2 and Peggle 2!
  • Capcom store was amazing with so much Sanrio x Street Fighter (the line was super long though!!)
  • Hatsune Miku booth with the most energetic Hatsune Miku cosplay gals you’ve ever seen (they never stopped dancing); game was fun too
  • The entire indie games section although it was packed
  • Oculus Rift
  • I got a very cute Raccoon plush (y.com mascot??)

Looking forward to PAX 2014 with the hope of more playable games and more games that I really want to play.


PAX 2012: Day 2

2 Sep

PAX Day 2 was a lot more focused than PAX Day 1. We had the lay of the land and actual goals on Day 2. One of my goals was to obtain Triple Town stuff. I had always wanted a plush bear and sure enough, they were there at the small Spry Fox booth. At the time I purchased early Saturday they were only selling the bears along with T-shirts and posters as a package ($40 including tax). There were only 25 left so of course I had to buy it. Check out my new goods:

My other Day 2 highlight was hearing Hideo Kojima (creator of the Metal Gear series) speak about the legacy of Metal Gear as well as the upcoming game. Really amazing stuff! Afterwards at a separate event I received a signed poster and got to shake his hand. Of the many PAX lines to stand in, this one felt like it was actually worth it.

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