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I’m Back!

28 Sep

Greetings! It’s certainly been awhile!

It looks like my last post was Jan 2 and now it’s Sept 28 so that will make a whopping 2 posts for the year. Clearly I’m very dedicated to this blogging stuff. Anyways, I’m hoping to get better at that since there have been lots of new exciting changes going on in my life right now. Here’s the quick run down.

I went to Hong Kong which was amazing. The food was so good and the shopping was even better. Lots of cool cultural sites to see as well. I miss the efficiency of their MTR already.

I got a new job in the summer! I’ve been there 4 mo. now so I’m not as new (but really everything still feels new). This jobย feels like a new adventure and promotion all in one so I feel very happy career-wise right now.

Another fun thing, I got to see 2 new US cities: New York and Chicago. Both had amazing architecture and great food.

The summer weather has been AMAZING! I’ve felt really lucky to spend so much time in the sunshine. Even in late Sept, it’s still warm enough to wear shorts. So awesome.

Two new trips are in the works ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve also been trying to exercise more, read more, and save more money. I’ll try to post book reviews soon! The exercise portion of this goal needs some serious work before a real update.


Happy 2014 from meganlol!

2 Jan



It’s officially 2014, WHOA! Hmm…I sure haven’t posted in a long time so I figure it’s time to do a big 2013 recap. I don’t think I made a formal goals list for 2013, but I did do a lot of very cool things. Here is the stuff that made the list of my highlights of 2013 in no particular order:

  • Finally made it back to Japan! I had wanted to go back since I was there in 2000 and especially wanted to bring my husband there. The trip did not disappoint! (I also went to California and Arizona)
  • Learned some new recipes and have been cooking less things that come from boxes….kinda. I made really yummy potato pancakes last week and am looking forward to making more. I also learned that I want to eat potato pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If I learned even how to cook one new food item per year, this will be a success.
  • Saw my game launch at work and got a promotion. I’ve officially been in the video game industry for 2 years which although short still feels like an important milestone.
  • Got LASIK which has been amazing. I had been wanting to do this for awhile and can’t believe I finally did it. I will do a whole other blog post dedicated to this. Seeing without glasses or contacts though is pure magic.
  • Found a haircut I actually like and want to stick with! I have been searching for the perfect haircut and hairdresser for the past 10 years. I think I finally found both.
  • Attended so many amazing family events and parties and friends houses. These are always my favorite memories.
  • Planted a garden.ย My sunflowers grew super tall and later withered. I didn’t manage to get any of my veggies to grow though. It was cool.

I hope 2014 brings as much fun as 2013 did!


Happy New Year, it’s 2012!

2 Jan

Happy New Year’s everyone! Last year my husband and I did New Year’s big, staying at a luxury hotel downtown, eating sushi, watching fireworks, shopping, and consuming lots of champagne. This year we drank leftover port and enjoyed the fireworks from the couch ๐Ÿ™‚ It was actually really nice having a low key New Year’s.

And of course I’ve already starting thinking of goals for 2012…

I want to be more organized and donate more items to charity. I’ve already fully redone my home office set up and parts of the kitchen. I’m feeling good on this goal so far.

Read more, learn more etc. etc. I read a lot during 2011 because I rediscovered this crazy thing called a library. The fact that I can get library books on my kindle also makes it easy to indulge in reading. As far as learning, R and SQL are at the top of my list. I have a good foundation of both, especially SQL, but want to take these skills to the next level.

Saving more money. Starbucks stock is up because of me, I just know it.

Lastly, and likely the most difficult is getting fitter! I don’t exercise much at all. Walking, that’s all I do. I’ve never had a problem maintaining my weight; however, I’ve gotten a lot softer since my high school/ college gym going glory days. I wants abs again.

For all of us that have goals, good luck in 2012!



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