Prabal Gurung for Target

10 Feb

The Prabal Gurung Collection for Target came out today and if you’ve read my blog before you should already know that I love the Target designer collections, LOVE THEM!

I wasn’t as excited about this collection compared to Missoni or Jason Wu where I wanted 90% of the collection, but there were 2 dresses that caught my eye. My husband and I planned to go into Seattle to celebrate Chinese New Year so I figured I could hit up the new City Target and maybe check out some of the pieces. No big deal if they were sold out, I wasn’t going to wake up at 8 am/ run into the store like a crazy person like I did for Jason Wu dresses.

We arrived at City Target at around 2 pm and imagine my surprise when I see racks and racks of Prabal Gurung clothing everywhere. Wow, City Target was really stocked, none of this limited stock BS my local suburban Target does with the special styles.

The ending: I purchased one of the dresses I really liked, no hassle at all. I’ll post a picture later. I plan on wearing it to a friend’s wedding 🙂

The lesson: If a design collection for Target comes out that I’m interested in I’m skipping my local Target and going to City Target first.


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